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Serving the Washington Counties of Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, and Whitman.

Business & Lifestyle Profile

The beautiful Southeast Washington region offers a unique location opportunity for expanding companies. Each area presents different regulatory environments, depending on the nature of the business.

Business locations can be determined on the basis of most- appropriate tax and regulatory issues, while enjoying the same labor market, vendor support, transportation services and training resources.



2016 City Populations
Clarkston 7,341
Pullman 34,745
Pomeroy 1,410
Dayton 2, 427
Colfax 2,895

2017 County Populations
Asotin County 22,365
Garfield County 2,240
Columbia County 3,914
Whitman County 49,364
City of Pullman Population
City of Clarkston Population
City of Colfax Population

Distance to Major Cities

Portland, Oregon 342 miles
Seattle, Washington 317 miles
Boise, Idaho 273 miles
Spokane, Washington 112 miles

Cities in the Pacific Northwest (Highway Miles).